PSG specializes in distributing and installing athletic sports flooring for indoor and outdoor applications including weight rooms, locker rooms, aerobic rooms, gymnasiums, common areas, and multi-purpose facilities.


What distinguishes us is our extensive product line, nationwide capabilities and the commitment we demonstrate to our clients.

Our wide selection of synthetic and hardwood sports surfaces are designed to maximize athletic performance and meet industry standards while using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

We conduct on-site surveys and moisture tests, where required, to determine the best suited floor for your facility and to guarantee the durability and longevity of your flooring for years to come. Our expert team of sports flooring specialists will install your floor with all the care and attention you and your facility deserve. You, the customer, are our top priority and with our wide selection of products and services, PSG is a single-source provider for all your fitness facility needs.


Our indoor gym flooring solutions are engineered for high performance, durability, safety, and hygiene.


FitDek rubber flooring is the most durable sports flooring product on the market. This super shock absorbant, environmentally friendly product is made with the highest quality recycled rubber and EPDM flecks to give your facility an elegant colorful finish.

FitDek recycled rubber flooring provides two highly shock absorbent and durable surfaces that are easy to install, maintain, and clean.

Ideal for childcare play zones, cardio and fitness, retail, public space, and other multipurpose uses with 24 different color variations. Custom colors and in-laid logos available (minimums apply).


FitX offers a unique alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. Its attractive vinyl graphic wear layer combined with the closed foam shock absorbing pad offer a high-performance athletic surface at an affordable price.

FitX synthetic wood flooring provides two highly shock absorbent and durable surfaces that are easy to install, maintain, and clean.

Ideal for gymnasiums, multipurpose halls, and aerobic areas.


FitPour is a poured in place system that creates a seamless surface ideal for gymnasiums, running tracks, and other multipurpose areas. A cost-effective alternative to hardwood that won’t compromise quality and durability for your athletic surface.

Ideal for gymnasiums, multipurpose halls, running tracks, weight rooms and aerobic areas and is available in 5 thicknesses from 6mm-15mm with 12 top coat color options and 10 line paint options. (Custom colors available; minimums apply).


FitWood is a solid hardwood designed specifically for fitness and athletic use. The 7/8” hardwood is 18% thicker than most other hardwood surfaces and will ensure a durable and great looking surface for the life of the facility.

Ideal for basketball and volleyball courts, gym floors, multi-purpose facilities, group fitness and yoga and dance studios.

All wood is kiln dried European Beech that can be sanded and refinished a multitude of times after installation.

Options include a fixed system, as well as a portable option to accomodate any facility.


Our outdoor sports flooring and turf solutions are engineered for high performance, durability, safety, and hygiene.


FitPlay is the premier poured in place safety surfacing. Utilizing traditional EPDM with the most innovative onsite installation techniques allows for a one of kind surface for your playground or sports surface.

Ideal for playgrounds, sports surfaces, water play areas, and jogging tracks and is fully customizable utilizing 15 different color options.


FitTurf is a 100% polyethylene fiber specifically designed and engineered for indoor and outdoor sports use. These high-performance surfaces will look great with minimal maintenance for years to come.

Ideal for indoors and outdoors sports use, agility training, and batting cage applications.

It can be glued down (recommended) or loose layed with double sided tape and is available in 12 different color options.

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